Armador Consultancy Machinery Import & Export Ltd., has long years experience in drilling & piling tools, special machines manufacturing and in metal sector. We are ready to serve for your needs in foundation drilling equipments and tools. Our expertise hits top on solutions of rotary drill piling systems’ tools.


Please feel free to contact us or send web message for every kind of piling tools, conveyors and elevator inquires.


Please download Rotary Bored Piling Tools Catalogue: Armador_Rotary_Bored_Piling_Tools.pdf (1,47 MB)


Please download Armador 2006 Machinery Catalogue: High Resolution (6,38 MB) | Low Resolution (0,97 MB)



Piling Tools & Equipments

We have more than a decade experience in manufacturing bored piling and mini-piling equipments. Our company’s manufacturing department especially focus on auger, bucket, core barrel, casings and casing shoes. We manufacture and supply every kind of your piling tools needs (such as augers, buckets, core barrels, tremi suits, twisters, single walled casings, double walled casings, tungsten carbide bits and teeth) with high durability. Our products have high shares of circulation in the local market while expanding to other countries. For your deep foundation drilling needs, you are at the right stop.

  1. Twister / Adapter:The tool for connecting the casings (single or double walled casings) to the rotary piling rig.


  2. Casings (Large Diameter Pipes) — (Single/Double Walled Casings):In some piling operations to prevent collapsing a temporary casing is used through unstable ground.


  3. Casing Shoes:Casing shoes are used at the end of casings especially when working in hard soil conditions and/or when constructing intersecting pile walls. With the help of tungsten carbide weld-on teeth the cutting operation gets easy and safe.


  4. Auger:Augers are tools for moving material in drilling process along the axis of rotation. The rotating helical flighting can be specially designed and/or may be hardened for rough ground conditions. Common auger types are:
  • Rock Auger
  • Soil Auger
  1. Bucket:Buckets are used in wet and/or sand conditions in boring operations. Buckets are important for excavating wet or sandy materials in boring process. General bucket types are:


    a. Twisting base (single opening): generally for wet soil and sand conditions

    b. Fixed base (dual opening): generally for soil conditions

    c. Butterfly (mixed type): generally for both sand and wet soil conditions


  2. Core Barrel:Core barrels are tools for cutting the rock blocks in soil.


  3. Tremmi / Tremi / Tremie / Tremmie Suits:Tremmie suits are used for pumping concrete into bore hole. Tremmie suits are composed of components hereunder:

    a. Tremmie swivel

    b. Tremmie bucket

    c. Tremmie pipes

    d. Tremmie holder

    e. Tremmie ropes


Mini-Piling / Directional Drilling Equipments

  1. Augers
  2. JointsCommon auger joint types are:
  • Screw type
  • Hexagonal type
  1. Pilot bits


Carrying Systems


Conveyors are for carrying materials generally in horizontal axis. Most faced material types are cement, plaster, lime, coil, fertilisers, feed, grain, sand etc. like granular materials.

  1. Screw Conveyors / Flight Conveyors:

Common types are :

  • Pipe type
  • U type
  • V type
  1. Roller Belt Conveyors

Elevators are for carrying materials of type cement, plaster, lime, coil, fertilisers, feed, grain, sand etc. vertically.

Although different classifications are faced, common basic types are:

  1. Belt Elevators 
  2. Chain Elevators:
  • Single Frame
  • Double Frame



Concrete, cement, lime, grain silos

Common silo types:

  1. Welded monoblock silos
  2. Modular silos


Custom Design Machinery

Please contact us, for all your custom design needs.


Our products especially for concrete, lime, fertilizer, brewery plants:
  • Every kind of screw conveyors
  • Continous flight auger (CFA) segments
  • Elevator buckets
  • Belt type carrying systems
  • Welded or nuts&bolts silos
  • Mixers
  • Kiln entrances
  • Special gear design
  • Cyclon manufacturing

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