Brief Introduciton

 Burovik Ltd specializes in manufacture of drilling rig’ parts and components, as well as service of drilling rigs, rebuilding and rental of second-hand drilling rigs. Our products cover Kelly bar, rotary drive, pulley, swivel, Kelly bar guide and so on. All technicians have been engaged in designing, production and technology-introduction of drilling rigs for several years, know about the advanced technology. The professional group ensures the satisfaction of customers. Also we are authorized to be sole service center of Italy C.M.V. Foundation equipment in china.
Burovik Ltd
a professional manufacturer of Kelly bar, possesses a leading position of Kelly bar’s manufac
turer  in China. The advantages of our Kelly bar, such as low weight, high strength, high abrasion-resistance, high-reliability are safeguarded technologically by superior process, advanced machining equipments and special fixtures. Large scale of alloy tube imported form Germany Mannesmann or locally-made in stock ensures us to supply Kelly bar to matched with any model of drilling rigs worked in China.which are locally-made or imported in short time . Now our Kelly bars have been supplied to Bauer BG18, BG22, BG25, Soilmec R518, R618, R622,  IMT AF180, CMV TH20, Mait HR180 and other drilling rigs imported or locally-made, these Kelly bars are in successful use even in the toughest operating conditions. Several service centers and rich experience of repairing Kelly on jobsite or in workshop benefit customers to enjoy rapid service.


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