JSC Kurganstalmost

JSC Kurganstalmost Manufacture and sales of bridge steel superstructures, piling panels, mill-cut steel fiber and drilling-rigs Kurganstalmost JSC is a specialized enterprise manufacturing steel superstructures for bridges Kurganstalmost JSC is the largest of six enterprises, forming the system of Russian joint-stock company Mostostroyindustria of the Transstroy Corporation. The territory of the main building of the enterprise is 75 thousand square meters. It combines the whole production run from supply of metal and to the finished goods shipment. The main production of the enterprise is metal superstructures of different purposes including:

Now Kurganstalmost JSC is the leading enterprise in its industry in terms of production output. Its production capacity is more than 50 thousand tons of steel superstructures per year. Highway, railway and combined bridges and some other products of the enterprise are used in many regions of the Russian Federation, as well as in Kazakhstan, Byelorussia, the Baltic States, Turkey, Laos and other states.


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